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Steps to Join

Thank you for your interest in Friends Lake Cooperative Community (FLCC). People are often introduced to FLCC through their attendance at a Michigan Friends Center program or by visiting as a guest of one of our members.

If you have not visited Friends Lake, we do allow a one-time trial free visit for persons who are assessing whether to apply for membership, and we do request that people use this before applying for membership.

Because we value the building of an intentional community and want to make sure there is a mutual understanding about expectations involved in membership and participation in FLCC, there are a few steps to our process of joining.

  1. Contact, Sue Iskenderian, membership coordinator, who will direct you to the current guidelines. Sue's e-mail:
  2. Please read the guidelines closely to see if you are comfortable with what they request of each member (and of any guests that a member may bring; the member is responsible for paying guest fees upon arrival and for orienting the guests to the guidelines).
  3. You meet with the membership contact to go over guidelines and any areas of uncertainty or remaining questions.
  4. You send a Letter of Introduction for yourself (and your family), letting us know what you hope to gain from participation in the community and what you are able to contribute to the community.
  5. Once your Letter of Introduction is received you will be sent an application form if the membership limit has not been reached. You will be contacted and placed on a wait-list if the membership limit has been reached. When membership becomes available you will be sent the application form.
  6. Once you have completed the application form and paid your membership dues, you are welcome to come out and participate. If your application and dues are not received within 1 month of your receipt of the application form, your name will be removed from the FLCC inquiry list.