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About Friends Lake Cooperative Community (FLCC)

What is Friends Lake Cooperative Community?

Friends Lake Cooperative Community is owned and operated cooperatively by its members. The name reflects its origin when a group of Quaker families bought 70 acres in 1961. Two years later they started this cooperative community, emphasizing simplicity, ecology, and caring. It was created for persons of every faith and color, a serene setting for harmony with nature where the joy of life is celebrated and where decision-making reflects a search for spirit-led action.

Friends Lake Cooperative Community, much more than a pretty place to relax…

A 70-acre tract of unspoiled land with a half-mile shoreline on Long Lake, we’re conveniently located just 3 miles northwest of Chelsea, Michigan. Our land includes wooded hills, walking trails, wildflowers, and wetlands all contiguous with Waterloo Recreation Area.

Our lake abounds in fish that attract heron, sandhill cranes, duck and geese. Friendly night sounds include the hoot of an owl and the rustling of wild turkeys in the woods!

Monthly Quaker Worship

For those who might be interested in exploring the Quaker roots that founded FLCC, there is a Meeting for Worship in the "manner of Friends", as Quakers call it, held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 10:00 am at Michigan Friends Center (MFC) at Friends' Lake.

Anyone is welcome to attend; call John Deikis at 734-475-0942 for information. Although Friends founded both FLCC and MFC, both organizations welcome anyone, and neither attempts to proseletize. Today, only a small proportion of FLCC members are Quaker.

Friends Lake Cooperative Community Board of Directors

Current Board Members